Jazz Near You

Our friends over at All About Jazz have launched a great new site (and soon-to-be released mobile app) that musicians, venues and presenters should take advantage of. Jazz Near You is a location based service website that of course does what it says, but gives you access to a whole lot of amazing content. Curious what’s going on in SF or London when you travel next month? Change your location and the site will direct you to info on the local happenings in over 10,000 venues. We think it’s pretty awesome. Their waycool calendar widget for your website or blog is embedded below, just go here to choose a city and copy and paste the code . My band Mischa Machez has already taken advantage of a free AAJ profile page and use of the JNY the calendar, we’ll let you know more about how we fare as we explore the site, but this is a promising new development in direct-to-local-consumer jazz marketing. Be sure to check out their affordable advertising rates to reach your target demographic.